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2024 Book'd & Busy Planner Kit- HARDBOUND BINDING

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Plan Like a Pro

The Book'd & Busy Planner 2024: Your Key to Unprecedented Success

  • Unlock Your Potential: Every mogul-in-the-making needs the right tools. With the Book’d & Busy planner, watch as your dreams evolve from fleeting thoughts to tangible realities.
  • For the Mastermind Within: Every page is crafted to help you organize, strategize, and realize your biggest ambitions. Because you're not just anyone; you're destined for greatness.
  • Mogul Mode Activated: Say goodbye to days of disorganization and hello to a life where every move is calculated and every goal is achieved.
  • Build Your Empire, Day by Day: Lay down each brick with intention. This planner will be your compass in the world of business and dreams.
  • 2024: Your Breakout Year: This isn't just another year; it's your year. Be ready to embrace opportunities and conquer challenges with the Book’d & Busy planner by your side.

For Every Aspiring Millionaire: Whether you're starting from scratch or scaling to new heights, this planner is your ticket to ensuring 2024 is unforgettable.

Invest in yourself. Lay the groundwork for a future of success. Order the Book’d & Busy Planner 2024 today and step into a world of limitless potential.

Book'd & Busy is dated from January 2024 through December 2024.

A sleek, portable design for the girl on the go.

Dimensions: 8.25" length x 7.5" width x 1.5" depth including the spiral binding.

Pages are 8.25" x 5.5."

This Book'd Planner Kit Includes: The Book'd & Blessed Planner, a pink Book'd logo pen, an affirmation card, & two attached ribbon bookmarks.

Book'd & Busy is different from our other planners because it has features that cater to entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners, including:

  • An Annual Business Analytics Tracker
  • A Brand Personality worksheet
  • A Brand Mood Board
  • Quarterly Strategy and Review Worksheets
  • A Monthly Social Media Calendar

Book'd & Busy features:

  • A unique scratch-resistant matte cover that screams, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
  • Quotes curated to keep you motivated and in forward motion.
  • The Book’d & Busy Official Reading List is a strategic collection of reads geared towards leadership, business growth, and strategy.

In addition, The 2024 Book'd & Busy Planner Kit includes:

  • A luxury, protective "Book'd" gift box
  • An interior pocket on front cover
  • Two full-color sticker sheets including 40+ stickers
  • 200+ Full Color Interior Pages
  • High quality 100gsm writing paper
  • Decorative Hardcover with a Rose Gold Foil Logo
  • Rose Gold Protective Corners
  • Sturdy, hardcover, sewn binding
  • 12 Month Spread (January 2024 - December 2024)
  • 2024 and 2025 Yearly Calendar Overview Pages
  • 2024 Holiday List
  • 2024 Vision Board Space
  • 2024 Bucket List Worksheet
  • 2024 Goal Wheel and Worksheet
  • Beautiful Monthly Illustrations
  • Monthly Note Pages
  • Monthly Calendar ft. a Hairstyle Tracker
  • Monthly Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Monthly "Strictly Financial" Budget Sheet
  • Weekly Tear-Out Grocery Shopping + To-Do List
  • Weekly "Big Rocks/ Little Rocks" Task Sheet
  • Weekly Sections for: Call, Email, Follow-up, Spiritual Focus, Physical Activity, Self-Care, Weekly Maintenance, Weekly Gratitude/ Reflections Section


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