Book’d was sparked in 2016 when co-founder Tannera gifted co-founder Adrienne with a designer planner for her 26th birthday. While both were impressed with the quality and presentation of the planner, they noticed that there were some features that could be more closely tailored to their unique needs as black millennial entrepreneurs who are committed to personal development.

What began as a conversation around features that could optimize their new planners quickly evolved into a lifestyle brand, with the Book’d planner collection as the flagship product offering.

Their goal was to create a meaningful representation of who they are as black women and develop a full experience that exceeded what they saw on the stationery market in terms of value, appeal, and functionality. 

Book'd is a luxury & lifestyle brand for Black women that is super stylish, uniquely quirky, and most importantly, speaks directly to who we are. 

Book'd, Book’d & Busy, and Book’d & Blessed, are three specialized planners that cater to the unique needs to Black women in the areas of entrepreneurship, faith, & culture.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Book’d falls under the parent company The Pinkwood Agency, and was established in 2018.